Watching Women & Girls

by Danielle Pender


‘A moving collection’ GRAZIA

‘Danielle is a sharp new talent.’ SIRIN KALE

‘Vibrant, intense and darkly comic’ ABIGAIL BERGSTROM

‘Danielle Pender explores that impact on women’s exterior and interior lives with brevity, depth and wry humour.’ THE FACE
When you look at a woman, who do you see?

From lost friendships to infidelity and complex romances, to motherhood and family dynamics, Watching Women & Girls is a sharp and moving exploration into complexities of the female experience.

Told through twelve powerful short stories, Danielle Pender offers an expansive lens into the ways in which the world watches women and how we very rarely see the truth that is right in front of us.

Format: Paperback
Page Count: 272 Pages
Imprint: 4th Estate GB
Published: July 2022
ISBN:  9780008472504

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