ONCE PURCHASED PLEASE FILL IN THE BELOW QUESTIONNAIRE AND RETURN TO US AT hello@booketybookbooks.co.nz. If you receive a tracking notification before filling this out this is just part of our background process and your book will not be posted until we receive these answers.

Before we select your first book we ask that you answer a few questions keeping in mind the more thorough your answers the easier it is for us to get a feel for what sort of books would work best for you:

1. What have you read recently? Please state whether you liked/didn't like the book. 
2.What are your favourite reads of all time? 
3. Would you prefer to receive fiction, non-fiction or a mixture of both?
4. Do you have any triggers you wish for us to avoid?
5. What would you most like to get out of your subscription?
6. Anything else you think we should know?

We do ask that you provide us with any feedback or updates to other new releases you have been reading along the way so we can continue to tailor this experience to you and ensure you get the best service possible. 

Our book subscriptions are process once a week post billing. Your card will be direct debited every 30 days. 


How does it work?

Simply choose the best option for you online, once you have placed your purchase copy and paste the questions from above or on the product page and return these to us at hello@booketybookbooks.co.nz, so we can get the jist of all your preferences. Once we have all the info we will start sending you your surprise books. Your subscription will renew every 30 days and processed weekly (usually on Wednesday’s).

What are the options?

You can choose between receiving a new release or back catalogue book monthly, paying in full or billing every 30 days, and whether you would like to sign on for 6 or 12 months. With our pay monthly options you can cancel at anytime.

Can I choose the genre?

Absolutely! We want to know what you would like to receive. The more information the better. We also check to see what you don’t want to receive, or if you have any triggers we are best to avoid. You can also let us know if you are just happy to go along for the ride, and willing to receive anything. We are here to tailor this experience to you.

Can I pause the subscription?

Yes, if you need to take a break for any reason you can pause your subscription to start again at a future date.

Can I gift the subscription?

Yes you absolutely can! We recommend adding the intended physical address you wish the subscription to go to and then depending on how you wish to gift the subscription adding your own email for the initial contact. Don’t stress too much if you aren’t too sure on what details to add, these can easily be changed at anytime. There is a couple of ways to physically gift the subscription too. Either we can choose the first book together so you can gift this with the Q+A to be returned to us later, or we can wait until the returned Q+A has been answered to start sending books. Keep in mind that your subscription will start rolling over every 30 days from the date of purchase, however there is no rush to return the Q+A and we will happily send a couple of choices at once.

If I receive a book I already have can I exchange it?

We are always happy to exchange any of your choices but there will be extra shipping fees involved, or we wait until your next subscription rolls over and send out a double book month. We also ask for a run down on your recent reads and favourite books in our Q+A which helps us to know what titles to steer clear of. We do advise that if you are an avid book worm that the new release subscription is a safer option to avoid receiving any double ups.

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