Thirst for Salt

by Madelaine Lucas


A compelling and unforgettable debut novel by an acclaimed young Australian writer – a mesmerising story of desire and its complexities and a powerful reckoning with memory, loss and longing.

'A hypnotic story of lost love and the melancholy nature of memory . . . a remarkable new literary voice.' - Rebecca Starford, author of The Imitator

'A love affair so richly and attentively imagined it carries the grace and gravity of memory itself.' - Leslie Jamison, author of The Empathy Exams

It's hard to remember now that I was once that girl, lying in the sand in my red swimsuit and swimming late into the day. Sharkbait, he called me.

She first sees him in the water: a local man almost twenty years her senior. Adrift in the summer after finishing university, a young woman is on holiday with her mother in an isolated Australian coastal town. Finding herself pulled to Jude, the man in the water, she begins losing herself in the simple, seductive rhythms of his everyday life.

As their relationship deepens, life at Sailors Beach offers her the stability she has been craving as the daughter of two drifters - a loving but impulsive mother and an itinerant father. But the arrival of Maeve, a friend from Jude's past, threatens to rock their fragile, newfound intimacy. And when she witnesses something she doesn't fully understand, she finds herself questioning everything - about Jude, about herself, about the life she has and the one she wants.

A magnetic and unforgettable story of desire and its complexities, and a powerful reckoning with memory, loss and longing, Madelaine Lucas's debut novel reveals with stunning, sensual immediacy the way the past can hold us in its thrall, shaping who we are and what we love.
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 336 Pages
Imprint: Allen & Unwin
Published: April 2023
ISBN:  9781761066931

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