The Younger Wife

by Sally Hepworth


The New York Times bestselling author of The Mother-in-Law and The Good Sister

No one saw her coming

The moment she laid eyes on Heather Wisher, Tully knew this woman was going to destroy their lives.

Tully and Rachel are murderous when they discover their father has a new girlfriend. The fact that Heather is half his age isn't even the most shocking part. Stephen is still married to their mother, who is stricken with Alzheimer's Disease.

Heather knows she has an uphill battle to win Tully and Rachel over - particularly while carrying the shameful secrets of her past. But, as it turns out, they are all hiding something.

A garage full of stolen goods. An old hot-water bottle, stuffed with cash. A blood-soaked wedding. And that's only the beginning...

Format: Paperback
Page Count: 336 pages
Imprint: Pan Australia
Published: Aug 2022
ISBN: 9781760987220

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