Resillient Grieving

by Dr Lucy Hone


Resilient Grieving is a practical, research-based guide to finding your own path to recovery from devastating loss. Updated and revised edition, including new research.

'Hone shows us how to harness the (thankfully common) power of our own resilience to work our way through a horrible loss.' The New York Times

'A recommended new book for those who are grieving . . . [Hone's] metaphor for life after loss is both powerful and apt: Think of it as a scattered jigsaw puzzle, where the pieces of one's former life have been scattered and now must be reconfigured in a new way.' The Wall Street Journal

In this new edition of Resilient Grieving, Dr Lucy Hone has extensively updated the text to include new research and material that she has gained by working with the bereaved through her 'Coping with Loss' grief programmes.

Lucy is widely regarded as a thought leader in resilience psychology. The death of her 12-year-old daughter forced Lucy to focus her work on grief and how to survive tragic loss. Known for her hugely popular TED talk, for being an internationally sought-after professional speaker, best-selling author and award-winning 'pracademic', Lucy is transforming the grief landscape by sharing better ways to grieve. She blogs for Psychology Today and is a regular contributor to global media, including The Guardian, The Washington Post, the BBC, CBS and ABC, and Channel News Asia.

She says: 'If you are sick of feeling helpless and desperate to restore some hope and control, then I wrote this book to show you how. While I cannot remove all the pain of loss, this book shares everything I've learned to help you live and grieve at the same time.'

Format: Paperback
Page Count: 288 Pages
Imprint: A&U New Zealand
Published: July 2023
ISBN: 9781991006486

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