Ready For Absolutely Nothing

by Susannah Constantine

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An intimate, relatable and funny memoir from Susannah Constantine, our favourite fashion guru and one half of the hugely popular, Trinny and Susannah's What Not to Wear

Susannah Constantine, our loved style guru and one half of the outrageously popular television programme, What Not to Wear, spent her youth entangled in glitz and glamour. Susannah's very first memoir is filled to the brim with scandalous stories, jaw-dropping royal relationships and star-studded encounters from pop stars to the fashion greats. But beneath it all is a woman who is still getting to know herself, even after falling in love at first sight, presenting one of the most monumental television programmes ever and having Princess Margaret as a second mother figure.

Uncertain of her future, unsure of how to cope with her own mother's tragic battle with bipolar disorder, and becoming a mother herself, Susannah is on a journey of discovery and her memoir tells you her greatest loves and lessons, bound together with disarming honesty and beguiling humour.


Format: Hardback
Page Count: 368 Pages
Imprint: Michael Joseph
Published: Nov 2023
ISBN: 9780241555217

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