Notes On Heartbreak

by Annie Lord


Fierce, funny and raw, this unflinchingly honest exploration of heartbreak is so much more than a book about one single break-up
'Arresting and vivid, raw and breathtaking...told with stunning originality.' Dolly Alderton
'Painful while it sloughs away the dead romantic ideals, leaving you cleansed, reborn and gorgeously satisfied.' Pandora Sykes
'A beautiful tender messy brilliant generous open-hearted book.' Emma Gannon
This is a love story told in reverse. It's about the best and worst of love: the euphoric and the painful. The beautiful and the messy.
Reeling from a broken heart, Annie Lord revisits the past - from the moment she first fell in love, the shared in-jokes and intertwining of a long-term relationship, to the months that saw the slow erosion of a bond five years in the making.
It is an unflinchingly honest reminder of the simultaneous joy and pain of being in love that will resonate with anyone that has ever nursed a broken heart.

Format: Paperback
Page Count: 400 pages
Imprint: Orion Publishing Co
Published: Sept 2023
ISBN: 9781398705494

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