Katherine Mansfield's Short Stories

by Katherine Mansfield


The complete classic stories by New Zealand's most famous writer.

Unlike many selected editions, this is a complete collection of all 75 of Katherine Mansfield's finished stories taken from her five books: Bliss, The Garden Party, The Doves' Nest, Something Childish and In a German Pension.

Virginia Woolf claimed that Mansfield's writing was 'The only writing I have ever been jealous of.' Widely considered one of the best short-story writers of her period, Katherine Mansfield is celebrated for her sensitive and subtle treatment of human behaviour. Satirical, psychologically deep, unabashed and candid about sex, pregnancy and social issues, her stories adopted a fresh style and new narrative techniques. She drew on and evoked the New Zealand landscape from her childhood, as well as her travels in Europe and time in England.

Format: Paperback
Page Count: 688 Pages
Imprint: RHNZ Vintage
Published: Feb 2013
ISBN: 9781775531869

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