Hood Feminism

by Mikki Kendall


I'm a feminist. Mostly.
I'm an asshole. Mostly.

All too often the focus of mainstream feminism is not on basic survival for the many, but on increasing privilege for the few.

Meeting basic needs is a feminist issue. Food insecurity, the living wage and access to education are feminist issues. The fight against racism, ableism and transmisogyny are all feminist issues.

White feminists often fail to see how race, class, sexual orientation and disability intersect with gender. How can feminists stand in solidarity as a movement when there is a distinct likelihood that some women are oppressing others?

Insightful, incendiary and ultimately hopeful, Hood Feminism is both an irrefutable indictment of a movement in flux and also clear-eyed assessment of how to save it.

'It is absolutely brilliant, I think every woman should read it' Pandora Sykes 
'My wish is that every white woman who calls herself a feminist will read this book in a state of hushed and humble respect ... Essential reading' Elizabeth Gilbert

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Format: Paperback
Page Count: 288 Pages
Imprint: Bloomsbury Publishing
Published: May 2021
ISBN: 9781526622709

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