by Maya Binyam


A man returns home to sub-Saharan Africa after twenty-six years living in exile in America. When he arrives, he finds that he doesn't recognize the country or anyone in it. Thankfully, someone at the airport knows him-a man who calls him brother. As they travel to this man's house, the purpose of his visit comes into focus: he is here to find his real brother, who is dying. In Hangman, Maya Binyam tells the story of this twisted odyssey, and of the phantoms and tricksters, aid workers and taxi drivers, the relatives, riddles and strangers that lead this man along a circuitous path towards the truth. Hangman is an uncommonly assured debut: a strangely honest story of one man's stubborn search for refuge - in this world and the one that lies beyond it.
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 208 Pages
Imprint: Pushkin
Published: Nov 2023
ISBN: 9781911590774

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