A House For Alice

by Diana Evans


The new novel from Diana Evans, the prizewinning and much-loved author of Ordinary People


'A gorgeous novel from one of our most outstanding writers' BERNARDINE EVARISTO
'A wise, tender novel' MONICA ALI
'A lyrical and glorious writer' NAOMI ALDERMAN

After fifty years in the wilderness of London, Alice wants to live out her days in the land of her birth. Her children are divided on whether she stays or goes, and in the wake of their father's death, the imagined stability of the family begins to fray.

Meanwhile youngest daughter Melissa has never let go of a love she lost, and Michael in return, even within the sturdy walls of his marriage to the sparkling Nicole, is haunted by the failed perfection of the past. As Alice's final decision draws closer, all that is hidden between Melissa and her sisters, Michael and Nicole, rises to the surface . . .

Set against the shadows of a city and a country in turmoil, Diana Evans's ordinary people confront fundamental questions. How should we raise our children? How to do right by our parents? And how, in the midst of everything, can we satisfy ourselves?

Format: Paperback
Page Count: 352 Pages
Imprint: Chatto & Windus
Published: April 2023
ISBN:  9781784744274

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