Why Mums Don't Jump

by Helen Ledwick


A groundbreaking, stigma-shattering look at the pelvic floor issues encountered by one in three women.

When Helen Ledwick discovered she had a prolapse after the birth of her second child, she was devastated, not just by the constant discomfort but also by the pervasive shame she felt and the lack of available information and support. When she learned that one in three women have pelvic floor disorders, she was horrified...and determined to do something about it.

In this warm, factual and anecdote-rich look at a taboo subject, Helen shares her story along with those of many other women. From postpartum care to incontinence, with expert advice on returning to sport, the impact on sex and intimacy, and having another baby after pelvic floor injury, Why Mums Don't Jump is a groundbreaking book that will have readers laughing, crying and cringing as finally women come together to break the stigma around pelvic floor issues.
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 400 Pages
Imprint: Allen and Unwin UK
Published: May 2023
ISBN: 9781838958497

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