by Linn Ullmann


An astonishingly beautiful work of autofiction from one of Norway's most prominent literary writers

Each summer of her childhood, the daughter visited her father at his remote Faro island home on the edge of the Baltic Sea.

Years later, when she is grown with children of her own and he's in his eighties, they plan to write a book together. It will be about age and time, language and memory. She will ask the questions. He will answer them. The tape recorder will record. But old age has caught up with him in ways neither could have foreseen. And when the man is gone, only memories - both remembered and recorded - remain.

Heart-breaking and spellbinding, Unquiet is a seamless blend of fiction and memoir in pursuit of elemental truths about how we live, love, lose and age.

Format: Paperback
Page Count: 400 Pages
Imprint: Hamish Hamilton 
Published: June 2021
ISBN: 9780241464625

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