Needs Adult Supervison

by Emily Writes

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Ever thought 'I wish there was an adult around', then realised you're the adult? Emily Writes, best-selling author of Rants in the Dark, shares stories of growing up as your children grow up.

Needs Adult Supervision is Emily Writes' take on growing up and feeling like a real adult. This book looks at the growing pains of kids and their parents and their attempts to navigate a world that's changing by the minute. Emily paints a vivid picture of all the feelings, fortunes and failures that come with trying to parent when you don't always feel up for the task. What it feels like to be learning at the same time your kids are. What happens when we get radically honest about the challenges parents are facing.
In Emily's inimitable way it’s incredibly insightful and hilarious, and leads to the odd tear being shed along the way.
From trying to convince your child's teachers on Zoom that your house isn't falling apart around you, or staging a funeral for a sea creature, to rescuing a dog that rescues you - Emily's stories will have you reflecting on what it means to grow up.
Funny, sad, thoughtful, inspiring and ultimately up-lifting for parents at all stages of life.

Format: Paperback
Page Count: 288 Pages
Imprint: Random House NZ
Published: Aug 2022
ISBN: 9781761048494

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