Mrs Gulliver

by Valerie Martin


A short, lush novel about sex, second chances and taking control in a man's world

'Irresistible - a funny, sexy romp that's also smart, even wise' Kirkus starred review

' Pure elegance, subtlety and wit. A triumph of a novel' - Francesca Segal, author of Mother Ship

It is 1954, and prostitution is legal in the tropical haven that is Verona Island. Here, among gangsters and corrupt lawmen, Lila Gulliver runs a brothel that promises her exclusive clientele privacy and discretion. When nineteen-year-old Carita, beautiful and blind since birth, comes to her door seeking employment, Mrs Gulliver sees a business opportunity and takes a chance. Carita is mesmerising, sharp and a mystery to her employer, always holding herself at a distance.

One night, the son of a wealthy judge patronises Mrs Gulliver's establishment, immediately falling madly in love with Carita. This is Ian Drohan - young, idealistic and cushioned by wealth and family connections. Mrs Gulliver mistrusts him, and worries for Carita's future. Carita, on the other hand, is fearless, headstrong and a force of nature that Mrs Gulliver is always several steps behind.

A dazzling drama filled with sex, wry wit and literary references, Mrs Gulliver follows two women who have nothing to lose in their fight for agency on an island too ready to dismiss them.
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 304 Pages
Imprint: Profile Books
Published: May 2024
ISBN: 9781805220480

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