Tree of Strangers

by Barbara Sumner


A compelling memoir of adoption, loss and discovery

‘I live at the end of a gravel road at the top of a valley consumed by bush. My husband is here, and my three girls. But the bush swallows them up like the road.’ I wrote those words at the kitchen table in 1983. A letter to the mother I’d never met. But how do you convey your life in a few sentences when almost every memory is missing?

Barbara Sumner grew up in a family filled with secrets and lies. At twenty-three she decided she had to find her mother. Remarkable, moving, beautifully written, Tree of Strangers is a gripping account of a search for identity in a country governed by adoption laws that deny the rights of the adopted person.

Format: Hardback
Page Count: 240 Pages
Imprint: Massey University Press
Published: Sept 2020
ISBN: 9780995135406

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