by Miranda Darling


 ‘Thunderhead is edgy black comedy and sports real-time internal monologue meticulously describing one day of domestic purgatory … Darling's whip-smart short novel creates a strong narrative voice spiked with caustic wit, intertextual reference, and intelligent humour. It's formidably brilliant feminist fiction that sparks a compelling conversation with its literary forebears, Woolf in particular.’


A black comedy, set in suburbia, about one woman’s struggle to be free.When Winona Dalloway begins her day — in the peaceful early hours before her children, that ‘tiny tornado of little hands and feet’, wake up — she doesn’t know that by the end of it, everything in her world will have changed.On the outside, Winona is a seemingly unremarkable young mother: unobtrusive, quietly going about her tasks. But within is a vivid, chaotic self, teeming with voices — a mind both wild and precise.And meanwhile, a storm is brewing …
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 160 Pages
Imprint: Scribe
Published: April 2024
ISBN: 9781761380396

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