This Place is Still Beautiful

by Xixi Tian


Two sisters. A shocking racist incident. The summer that will change both of their lives forever.

Annalie and Margaret are sisters who agree on only one thing: that they have nothing in common. Nineteen-year-old Margaret is driven, ambitious, and keenly aware of social justice issues. She couldn't wait to leave their oppressive small hometown and take flight in New York. Meanwhile sweet, popular, seventeen-year-old Annalie can't think of anything worse - she loves their town, and feels safe coasting along in its confines.

Until she arrives home one day to find a gut-punching racial slur painted on their garage door.

Margaret immediately flies home, expecting to find her family up in arms - but she's shocked to learn they want to forget about it. Their mom is worried about what it might stir up, and Annalie just wants to have a 'normal' summer.

Margaret and Annalie find their relationship hanging by a thread - and then, when it looks like the thrill of first love (Annalie) and lost love (Margaret) might bring them together. . . a crushing secret threatens to tear them apart forever.

Format: Paperback
Page Count: 320 pages
Imprint: Penguin
Published: July 2022
ISBN: 9780241532614

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