The Nine Lives Of Rose Napolitano

by Donna Freitas

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NINE PATHS TO THE REST OF HER LIFE… One day, Rose Napolitano’s marriage ends.
Her husband wants a baby – but motherhood has never been part of the plan.

One day, Rose Napolitano’s marriage survives.
She loves her husband. Could she reimagine her future?

One day.
One fight.
Nine different lives.

Following the butterfly effect of one life-defining choice, nine times over, The Nine Lives of Rose Napolitano winds through all the paths and decisions that shape a life. It cuts to the heart of what it means to be a woman. Every expectation, every choice, every path, every outcome – every piece of oneself that’s lost and found along the way…

For every woman there are many stories.
These are Rose’s.

‘Honest and original, Rose Napolitano is a story for every woman – for anyone who’s wondered “what if?”, for anyone who’s wondered where a different path might lead’ Dawn O’Porter

Format: Paperback
Page Count: 384 Pages
Imprint: Harper Collins
Published: June 2021
ISBN: 9780008370640

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