The Good Daughter

by Laure Van Rensburg


A gripping novel set inside a cult, where the obedient daughter of the Pastor is the only survivor of a tragedy

Abigail is a proud member of the New America Baptist Church. Living miles away from the nearest town in South Carolina, she is safe from the depraved modern world. She is a good daughter. A valued member of the community.

So when she is the sole survivor of a fire that burns her family's home to the ground, it seems like a tragic accident. Until a discovery is made: before the fire, Abigail let a stranger in.

Who was the stranger? What started the fire? And was the outside world always the threat - or did danger lurk within the community's walls?

Format: Paperback
Page Count: 368 Pages
Imprint: Michael Joseph
Published: Aug 2023
ISBN: 9780241508220

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