Something To Live For

by Richard Roper


The most uplifting story of the summer - about Andrew, who has forgotten how to live, and Peggy, who helps him remember...


Everybody likes Andrew. But they don't really know him.

They know what he's told them - that he's happily married with two kids. Living the kind of life that's either so boring it's true, or so perfect it's a lie . . .


Peggy arrives in Andrew's life in a burst of kindness and possibility. For the first time in ages, Andrew feels alive again. So now that he has everything to lose, can he risk it all and tell Peggy the truth?
A big-hearted story about love, loneliness, and the importance of taking a chance when we feel we have the most to lose.

Format: Paperback
Page Count: 368 Pages
Imprint: Orion
Published: July 2020
ISBN: 9781409185611

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