Sex Cult Nun

by Faith Jones


‘Her gripping memoir—like Educated—takes you inside a disturbing childhood and leaves you marvelling at the resilience of the human spirit’ People Magazine

Faith Jones was raised to be part of an elite army preparing for the End Times. Isolated on a farm in Macau, she practised devotions and read letters of prophecy written by her grandfather, the leader of the now infamous cult, The Children of God. A direct decedent of the founding family, Faith featured in international media coverage – she was celebrated as extraordinary and then published doubly as a sharp reminder that she was not.

With indomitable grit, Faith created a world of her own, pilfering books and educating herself in secret. At the age of 23, she escaped, abandoning her history, her inheritance and her legacy. While her childhood friends succumbed to addiction, suicide and prostitution, Faith fought her way into Georgetown University and went on to establish a successful career in law.

Sex Cult Nun is an enthralling coming-of-age story that gives fascinating insight into the closed and complex world of extreme belief. Exploring the issues of psychological and physical control, Faith draws on her hard-won insight to interrogate the binaries of good and evil, and shed light on the insidiousness of oppression. At its heart, this extraordinary story is a stark warning about the consequences of surrendering our rights and responsibilities.

Format: Paperback
Page Count: 400 Pages
Imprint: HarperCollins
Published: May 2022
ISBN:  9780008348281

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