Redder Days

by Sue Rainsford

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A stunning exploration of the devastating damage that can be done when power falls into the wrong hands. The powerful and timely new novel from the acclaimed author of Follow Me to Ground.

Twins Anna and Adam live in an abandoned commune in a volatile landscape where they perform devotions to a world-ending event they believe is imminent. Adam keeps watch by day, Anna by night. They meet at dawn and dusk. Their only companion is Koan, the commune’s former leader who still exerts a malignant control over their daily rituals.

When one of the former commune inhabitants returns, everything they had known to be true is thrown into question.

Dazzling, strange and incredibly moving, Redder Days is a stunning exploration of the consequences of power wielded by the wrong hands, the emotional impact of abandonment, and the resilience of the human spirit in the most hopeless of situations.

Format: Paperback
Page Count: 272 Pages
Imprint: Doubleday
Published: March 2021
ISBN: 9780857526793

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