By Tayi Tibble


They saw things in me I wanted to see in myself

that’s why I let them see me that’s why I let them see me

on certain nights in certain lights when the planets

lined up like a string of pearls in the sky and the moon

was the correct hue.

Rangikura is the fiery second collection by Tayi Tibble.

These poems live in the space between the end of the world and a new day. They ask us to think about our relationship to desire and exploitation. They are both nostalgic for, and exhausted by, the pursuit of an endless summer.

‘The intricate politics woven into Tibble’s poetry give her writing strength and purpose.’ —Winnie Siulolovao Dunn, Cordite Poetry Review

‘Tibble speaks about beauty, activism, power and popular culture with compelling guile, a darkness, a deep understanding and sensuality.’ —Hinemoana Baker

‘The poetry is utterly agile on the beam of its making. There is brightness, daring and sure-footedness.’ —Paula Green, NZ Poetry Shelf

‘It demonstrates the power of all paradigm-shifting books – which is to fold up previously knotty stumbling blocks like they are furniture left out in the rain, and then replace it with an enlarged space.’ —John Freeman, LitHub

Format: Paperback
Page Count: 96 Pages
Imprint: VUP 
Published: June 2021
ISBN: 9781776564248

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