Portrait of the Aritist's Wife

By Barbara Anderson


Victoria University Press is enormously proud to publish this new edition of one of New Zealand’s favourite novels, 26 years after it was first published to critical acclaim here and in the UK and US.

While Sarah Tandy is determined to nurture her talent as a painter and keep her marriage intact, her husband, Jack Macalister, is equally determined to remain the cheerfully philandering and selfish man that he is.

‘She really is world class – her writing’s like a richly detailed painting, she gets the details just right.’ —Sharon Crosbie, Evening Post

‘It is a testament to Anderson’s style and skill as a writer that these places and decades are brought to the page with such energy, yet also with such a finely judged mix of humour and sympathy.’ —Caroline Wilder, Sunday Star 

Format: Paperback
Page Count: 346 Pages
Imprint: Victoria University Press
Published: February 2019
ISBN: 9781776562121

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