by Jenna Clake

'Wonderfully witchy and emotionally astute' Chloe Ashby | ' Bloody brilliant' Clare Pollard | 'Blazingly emotionally intelligent' Luke Kennard
As the sun sets on a feverishly hot July evening, a young woman spies on her teenage neighbour, transfixed by what looks like an occult ritual intended to banish an ex-boyfriend. Alone in a new town and desperate to expel the claustrophobic memories of her own ex that have followed, the narrator decides to try to hex herself free from her past.
She falls in with the neighbour and her witchy friend, exploring nascent supernatural powers as the boundaries of reality shift in and out of focus. But when the creaks and hums of her apartment escalate into something more violent, she realizes that she may have brought her boyfriend's presence - whether psychological or paranormal - back to haunt her.
Propulsive and wry, this razor-sharp debut explores all the ways that relationships and trauma can haunt our lives. Twisting witchcraft and horror into a powerful narrative of one woman's struggle to return to herself, this lyrical novel is perfect for fans of Boy Parts and My Year of Rest and Relaxation.


Format: Paperback
Page Count: 224 Pages
Published: June 2023
ISBN: 9781398712089

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