Bringing Up Race

by Uju Asika


You can't avoid it, because it's everywhere. In the looks my kids get in certain spaces, the manner in which some people speak to them, the stuff that goes over their heads. Stuff that makes them cry even when they don't know why. How do you bring up your kids to be kind and happy when there is so much out there trying to break them down?
Bringing Up Race is an important book, for all families whatever their race or ethnicity. Racism cuts across all sectors of society - even the Queen will have to grapple with these issues, as great grandmother to a child of mixed ethnicity. It's for everyone who wants to instil a sense of open-minded inclusivity in their kids, and those who want to discuss difference instead of shying away from tough questions. Uju draws on often shocking personal stories of prejudice along with opinions of experts, influencers and fellow parents to give prescriptive advice making this an invaluable guide.
Bringing Up Race explores:
- When children start noticing ethnic differences (hint: much earlier than you think)
- What to do if your child says something racist (try not to freak out)
- How to have open, honest, age-appropriate conversations about race
- How children and parents can handle racial bullying
- How to recognise and challenge everyday racism, aka micro aggressions
A call to arms for ALL parents, Bringing Up Race starts the conversation which will mean the next generation have zero tolerance to racial prejudice, and grow up understanding what kindness and happiness truly mean.

Format: Hardback
Page Count: 320 Pages
Imprint: Yellow Kite
Published: Dec 2020
ISBN: 9781529368727

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