Amy and Lan

by Sadie Jones

$20.00 $37.00

How did the Simple Life get so complicated? A child's-eye view of family and farming in the compelling new novel from Sadie Jones.

This is the story of how we came to Frith. And we're never, ever, ever leaving.'

Amy Connell and Lan Honey are having the best childhood, growing up on a West Country farm - three families, a couple of lodgers, goats, dogs and an orphaned calf called Gabriella Christmas.
The parents are best friends too. Originally from the city, they're learning about farming: growing their own vegetables, milking the goats, slaughtering chickens and scything the hay--

'Mind your eyes! Don't break your neck! Careful!'

The adults are far too busy to keep an eye on Amy and Lan, and Amy and Lan would never tell them about climbing on the high barn roof, or what happened with the axe that time, any more than their parents would tellthem the things they get up to - adult things, like betrayal - that threaten to bring the whole fragile idyll tumbling down...

Format: Paperback
Page Count: 320 pages
Imprint: Chatto & Windus
Published: July 2022
ISBN: 9781784744823

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