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Purchase a 12 month personalised book subscription and pay monthly! All books will be a selected new release and shipped as your monthly subscription rolls over. Once you have placed your purchase we will be in touch with a questionnaire. 

Chosen to challenge and inspire, move and to shake, your book choice will be selected from a wide and wonderfully diverse range of authors from home and abroad, then delivered in beautiful and sustainable packaging straight to you. 

Please know we count a new release as anything still in it’s first trade release format, if you read a lot of new releases we ask that you keep us in the loop to avoid doubling up. If you do get sent a book you already have then it is no worries to exchange this, but there will be new postage fees involved. 

Charges are $36 plus shipping every 30 days, this will be direct debited from your account. You can cancel anytime. 

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