Such A Fun Age by Kiley Read

such a fun age by kiley reid

Such A Fun Age starts when Emira is accused of kidnapping the white child she is babysitting in a supermarket in a very white area in Philadelphia, we follow the fall out from these events through out the novel.

This is such a great book that has just been long listed for the Man Booker Prize 2020, which is very exciting! Undoubtably for the ease in which Reid writes about  big topics such as race, privilege, social media and the pressure to know what you want to do with your life in a comedic and light hearted way meaning you slowly mull this book over instead of feeling overwhelmed by these discussions. Reid has a special talent of subtlety in her writing where she writes around the point she is trying to portray instead of obviously spelling it out to the reader, a definite must read!

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