Slutever by Karley Sciortino


Slutever by Karley Sciortino is a writer who became famous during the height of 'The Blog', eventually leading to a column in Vogue and a show on Vice. This memoir is about Sciortino's views on sexuality and her life including the sometimes harsh reality of how she got to become so famous by talking about sex, especially as she discusses her work history and the unfair treatment of women in the TV industry.

This book is so clever and had me physically nodding in agreement along the way. If you are already a fan this is an absolute must read, it is so insightful and clever. If you haven't heard of Sciortino then I will just leave you with this exert to help you decide if this might be something you'd like to dive into: "'Slut' is a great word. It just sounds perfect-so sharp and clear and beautiful. It's one of those satisfying four letter words, like cunt and fuck. Slut also happens to be an anagram for lust, which is one of those divine coincidences that makes you wonder if God actually exists. We're lucky that slut is such a great word, because it's safe to say that almost every woman will be called a slut at least once in her lifetime. Despite a slowly shifting sexual double standard, it's still taboo to be a woman who's openly sexual-let alone one who sleeps around.”

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