Run River by Joan Didion

RunRiver Joan Didion

This guest review comes to us from the quaint sea side town of Lymington, England from none other than Fiona Kelly. Having grown up in London in the 60s & 70s, even womanning the counters of Libertys (iconic!). Her family roots lye in Blankenese in Hamburg, Germany. Fionas Mother, Dita, moved to London after meeting a strapping young police officer post WWII and so the family continues to spread its roots all over the world after her youngest son Jason Kelly met a strapping young kiwi gal making NZ his home. Spoiler alert: I’m the strapping young kiwi gal.⁣

Run River by Joan Didion is a story about marriage, murder and betrayal based on the history of California. Everett McClellan and his wife, Lily, are the great-grandchildren of pioneers, and what happens to them is a tragic epilogue to the pioneer experience. This is a fiction novel, which leaves you asking yourself ‘but is it’? Nearly all stories are based on something someone knows, or has heard about people’s lives. ⁣

For me a book is always about how it is written and this author writes in a very unique way however it is easy to read and is so clever, unique and such a tale! You have to stay sharp to follow and when you have reached the end you need to go back and read the beginning again...... just to be sure! A truly brilliant piece of work. Pure escapism, which is exactly what a story should be.


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I would like to order Run River by Joan Didion but I can’t find it in your site apart from the review-how would I go about ordering it from you?

Diane James August 27, 2020

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