GUEST REVIEW: Lost Connections by Johann Hari

Lost Connections Johann Hari

You know that person that your friends are friends with and it just kinda gets to the point where it would be rude if you also didn’t finally become friends? Introducing Margot Rieder! This big ball of creative talent disguised as a ray of sunshine also studied fashion at the Otago Polytech, going on to buy for Christchurch boutique Infinite Definite meaning we could turn our buying trips into the perfect opportunity for catch up wines. Having left the fashion industry to travel the globe only to return early due to damn Rona, Margot can now be found manning what appears to be the funnest hut come schnapps bar ever at top of Round Hill ski field in Tekapo as well helping her sister with her beautiful hand made jewellery label and getting stuck right in to a creative writing course. Yes like I said this lady is one big ball of creative talent. ⁣

Lost Connections by Johann Hari at first I honestly thought this book looked kind of bleak with ‘Why You’re Depressed and How to Find Hope’ written on the cover. But a close friend of mine gave it to me for me to read. Anyway, it was mind-blowing.⁣

The author Johann Hari traveled the globe for 3 years to visit psychologists, neuroscientists, and numerous other experts, with the intent to challenge and dismantle everything he thought he knew about depression and anxiety. He investigates and questions controversial research practices surrounding anti-depressants by big players in the pharmaceutical industry. He also shares conversations with extraordinary people who will change the way you perceive depression forever.⁣

The world is pretty anxiety-inducing right now and this book was so refreshing. Johann has written with humility and explains how the way we are living today is contributing to the rising levels of depression and anxiety in our world. If you’re feeling a bit sad, battling anxiety, or are fortunate to be free from those moods, I am sure everyone would get something out of reading this book.

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