How To Fail by Elizabeth Day

How to faily by elizabeth day

How to Fail by Elizabeth Day is inspired by her award winning podcast where she interviews a variation of people in how their failures have ultimately lead to successes (well worth a listen btw). This book is a memoir of Elizabeth Days perceived life failures and what she’s learnt from them. Her successful journalism career particularly shines through in her writing style, each chapter feels more like a long read article due to the cleverly cited facts and quotes from her podcast and magazine interviews used to conclude her thoughts. ⁣

I get nervous about reading books that could possibly come across as a little ‘self helpy’ but I really enjoyed this book, she touches on incredibly important topics from female anger to her relationship with exercise and failing at being in your twenties, I completely related to her hatred for the patriarchal school system and thought her chapter on her own battle with infertility was was a brave and important story to share. The whole novel was incredibly honest and I really appreciated her acknowledgment of privilege in the opening segment noting this doesn’t make her story not worth sharing. ⁣

The book really made me ponder some of my own life’s events that have played a significant role in who I am which at times was slightly cringe inducing but ultimately it felt like permission to own the bad with the good (not the good with the bad). ⁣

I’m going to round this review out with a recent failure of my own, the failure to remember what books I’ve ordered online after too many wines, I had 2 copies of this book show up on the exact same day and so I’m giving one copy away. Simply tag your biggest failure, haha just kidding, I mean success of a friend, or friends. Will post worldwide, winner drawn 21st of May. ⁣

Something about the failing at the twenties chapter and how so much more life comes in your thirties and forties even though as woman we deem our twenties to be the making of us.

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