Fishbowl by bradley somer

This guest review comes to us all the way from a book club in Portland, Oregon 🇺🇸 I met Yannika Marquardt while I was living with her older sister in Sydney in what was one of our more unusual flatting experiences and only partly because my room didn’t have a door. So thank you to you all for sharing your latest book club read with us, and especially to Janelle for writing the review. Lucky for technology so your book club can continue to eat snacks and drink wine together while we all ride out this Panny D. Can’t wait to hear what you read next! ⁣

Fishbowl begins as Ian the goldfish jumps out of his bowl on the 27th floor of the Seville on Roxy. What follows is a story about life, love, loss, loneliness, and new beginnings. The nuanced narrative structure keeps you on the edge of your seat, as each chapter focuses on a particular character. The book is rifled with emotions; being equal parts dramatic, raunchy, ridiculous, and touching. It is a reminder about the interconnectedness of life wrapped in a clever, quippy, and moving series of stories. Our book club thoroughly enjoyed this book and gave this book an average 4/5 stars! It has been our favourite read to date (of the three books we’ve read so far).

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