Adults by Emma Jane Unsworth


Adults by Emma Jane Unsworth is funny. So so funny. Jenny the main character is an obsessed social media addict who’s life is unravelling creating the basis for this ’satire on our age of self promotion’ to explore the affects social media can have on us in times of high stress and anxiety. ⁣

This book brilliantly pin points all the parts of our social media habits we wish not to be true, particularly triggering when it comes to our human conditioned need to be liked. Unsworth taps into the psyche of this complicated relationship through Jenny’s thoughts on hard hitting topics such as how many’s kisses are appropriate at the end of an email. ⁣

This book is written in a style of easily readable panicked ramblings that muse off the mood of Jenny who is facing problems on all fronts. I loved the way Unsworth manages to turn pain into comedy throughout this book while highlighting the notion women are so often labelled ‘crazy’ in times of personal crisis. ⁣

I think particularly important is the discussion based on Jenny having recently turned 35 and feeling biologically confronted with the decision of Motherhood, this reminded me of similar story lines in Expecation by Anna Hope which if you enjoyed I recommend you read this too.⁣

I am in no way surprised this book is being adapted for TV, especially after Unsworths novel Animals successful adaptation to film in 2018 which I am yet to read & watch but is now high on the list. ⁣

Honestly this book was just an absolute joy to read.

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